Dennis Mecham is a fine art photographer who has photographed for over
30 years attempting to understand the silent dimension underlying our world as well as ourselves.

His luminous prints exhibit a quality that is inspiring on both intellectual and spiritual levels.

Working mostly in large format color and black & white he seeks to know our innermost origins of thought and space.
He is fascinated that all form is born of thought, and that thought will return to create new forms. Life creates life.

We create and recreate ourselves and our environment from moment to
moment, day to day, year to year, and life to life always finding our way...

"Dennis Mecham's austere photographic vistas reveal the inherent truths and emotional mysticism of shapes,
forms, and angles bathed in shadow and light. Arches, parasols, vivid skies, mountains, regal tree-scapes and deserts,
all illuminate the universality and eroticism of shape and form. The black and white imagery of spirals and jetties
are mysterious incantations of the spirituality of all earth's matter. His nudes, in fable like tableaus and settings,
are of amorous vigor but beholden to form and curves and flowing dresses bridge the spiritual hunger
of the unconscious to the conceptual desire of all matter, to the warmths of the flesh."

Agora Gallery, New York, 2005