All black & white prints are hand printed
fiber base selenium toned prints or split toned fiber based prints printed by Dennis Mecham.

All color prints are hand printed Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) prints printed by Dennis Mecham.

With the discontinuation of Ilfochrome future color prints will be printed on
Fuji Crystal Archive materials from high resolution scans of the original color film.

Only existing inventories left will be Ilfochrome prints.

All Black & White prints are CREATED BY HAND with NO DIGITAL PROCESSING of any kind in their creation.

11x14 (11x11) inch print Edition of 25 $1200
16x20 (16x16) inch print Edition of 25 $1800
20x24 (20x20) inch print Edition of 25 $2500

All black & white prints made by the artist selenium toned.
All color prints RA-4 Chromira prints.
Larger sizes available.
Email for more information or any questions.

Dennis Mecham's prints are included in many private as well as
corporate collections including Snell & Wilmer, Fidelity Investments and
Lincoln Financial. Prints are also included in Museum Permanant Collections.

Dennis Mecham has been given
"FIRST PLACE - OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT" in the Fashion Category from
Ilford's Black & White Spider Awards 2008 as well as an "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE" from
and was nominated as PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR in 2004

Each photo gallery contains thumbnail images. Click on any image to see a larger
version. When ordering please identify image by title just below
enlarged image. Click on "Dennis Mecham" for short bio of artist.

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